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Learn to play an unbeatable game of chess with winning tactics and strategies from Chess for Beginners.

Centuries of history and strategy can make learning how to play chess intimidating. Chess for Beginners offers new players a quick-start guide to learn the game of chess and start winning in no time with rules, strategies, and tactics for success.

Starting with the basics, this comprehensive guide provides a clear, illustrated introduction to the movements of each piece along with basic rules and game dynamics. With this foundation, new players will learn effective strategies and tactics to start playing competitively and confidently.

From your first move to your last, Chess for Beginners shows you how to play your best game, with:

  • A complete overview that introduces players to the chessboard and the movement of each piece with clear, easy-to-follow illustrations and directions.
  • 10 strategies that show players how to control the board, think several moves ahead, go for a quick checkmate, and more!
  • 10 tactics that offer short-term solutions to support your strategy and achieve checkmate.

Position your pieces, coordinate your attack, and capture their king--Chess for Beginners teaches you all of the moves to play the perfect game.